Hi Friends,

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what we’re doing for our clients and fellow vendors for our 2020 wedding season.


More than ever, we understand how uncertain life can be. Planning a milestone event such as a wedding is already stressful, let along in our current times. I’ve told our clients for years that our motto is “prepare to fail,” but there was no preparing for something like this. This is hitting us all, and it is hitting us hard.

There isn’t much that we can do right now, but we are doing our best to navigate through this current storm. In an effort to ease even a tiny amount of stress for our couples, we have invested in a live-streaming option so that the celebration can still be shared with friends & family who might not be able to travel for the event.

We are offering free live-streaming of the ceremony to all of our 2020 couples. This will be a 1-angle capture broadcast online, so that friends & family can watch in real-time.

If any of our clients want to include additional ceremony camera angles or have their reception live-streamed as well, we are happy to create a custom package that will suit each unique celebration.

In the unfortunate situation event that our couples have to reschedule their wedding entirely, we will be applying 100% of all investment paid towards the new wedding date. If we are already booked that weekend, we will bring in a TRIED, TRUSTED, PROFESSIONAL, & TALENTED team of videographers who share our style, workflow, and values. We’ve got your back.

We appreciate each & every one of our clients past, present, & future. Thank you, stay safe, & remember: We’re all in this together.


Nora McCormack
SP Films, owner/operator/camera nerd