The Flanagan Farm wedding celebration of Megan & Andy

How did you two meet?

We met our freshman year at Bates. Andy lived next to two of Megan’s friends, a few beer pong games and commons dinners later, Megan built up the courage to ask Andy to walk her home on her 19th birthday … 8 years later, we got married!

Why did you choose to get married at the location that you did?

My brother said it best in his officiant speech. Flanagan Farm embodied everything we wanted in our wedding – a space that could bring everyone together, into what feels like our home, for a wonderful celebration. Even though we live in California, we knew we had to get married in Maine… it’s the place we met, where we fell in love, and got engaged. It’s been our place throughout our entire love story.

Were there any happy surprises that happened at the wedding?

Katie and Sarah’s MOH speech was PERFECT! No real surprises but I couldn’t believe how witty and funny they were — especially Sarah who is usually more reserved was hilarious!

What moment sticks out to you above all of the others from the wedding?


  • The first look was really special, which I knew it would be. I was so happy we did it just us two and had that moment of quiet.
  • The ceremony. For me (Megan) was very emotional and raw. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. To walk out, MARRIED, and feeling like I shared my feelings, promises, and future goals with Andy and everyone we love. We designed the entire ceremony ourselves –and with the help of our loved ones, found readings that resonated with us and passages that moved us. We were able to touch upon all the various aspects of our lives, and had representatives from each stage play a role.
  • There was a period of time — after the first look, before the ceremony, where Andy and I sat in the barn (me with my dress to my thighs, cooling off) and splitting a glass of wine. It was such a quiet moment — after the initial excitement/anxiety of the first look and I was SO HAPPY to just have that moment to ourselves.
  • The ceremony — truly amazing — the speakers, hearing andy’s vows. Michael’s speech… our parents advice to us… it was all so special, so personal. I couldn’t have imagined a more intimate way to start our lives together. Oh my goodness, when my brother asked us to look into the crowd of the people who came to support us… TOO much. I could hardly look I was getting so emotional.
  • Before our first look, Andy and I exchanged letters — one of the things he wrote was that I should be my authentic self — and not hold back. As you can probably tell (and watch, in hours of film!) I am an emotional person. It’s just who I am. One of the things that gave me a lot of anxiety before the wedding was how I was going to “maintain composure” and “be a good bride” on the day of the wedding — Andy’s letter reminded me that I need to give myself permission to be myself. And of all days, the one day that you shouldn’t hold back your true self, is your wedding day. So I probably cried a few more tears than I intended, but I also laughed a lot harder, smiled a lot wider, loved a lot deeper than I would have otherwise — I was no one but myself, and I have a loving husband who encourages me to do just that… something I will always be grateful for.

Now that the wedding is over, what are you going to do with all of your free time?!

Cry? Honestly, it was such an amazing experience. Getting back into the grove of real life is not easy. Maybe start a support group?

Photographer: Jamie Mercurio
Band/DJ: Young Love and The Thrills
Venue: The Barn at Flanagan Farm
Cake: Nothing Bakes like a Parrott
Lighting: The Event Light Pros
Planner/Florist: Lani Toscano Design
Stationary: Steel Petal Press
Hair & makeup: Jill Lopez Hair, Make Up by Dana Face
Catering: Fire & Co
Dress: Modern Trousseau, purchased at Hitched Salon
Groom’s suit: The Black Tux
Officiant: Bride’s Brother
Rentals: One Stop Rentals and Heartwood Essentials
Transportation: Bo-Mar