A brief explanation of our all-inclusive wedding film offerings for 2022 and beyond.


We have recently restructured our offerings to accommodate couples who are looking for an all-inclusive wedding film experience. Below is a run-down on our base collection, and why we have chosen to include these features:



A wedding is so much more than just the ceremony, and there is a ton of thought & planning that goes into the celebration. An often overlooked aspect of documenting a wedding is the rehearsal dinner. This is the true start to the festivities, and we want to be there to document these moments– a reunion with a group of friends that haven’t been in the same room in years. The heartfelt toasts that take place before the formal wedding day begins. The details & planning that go into this welcome party. Just because it’s not the “big” shindig doesn’t mean that it’s any less significant. We want every aspect of your weekend to be preserved!



We love a good highlight film, and we know you do too! It’s often the reason why couples hire us to begin with. There is something magical about a cinematic love story perfectly curated and perfected. There is also SO much value in having every important moment of your celebration preserved for you to relive in its entirety. A highlight film can only showcase so much, but in our Full Documentary Edit, we give you everything from soup-to-nuts. Every toast, the ceremony in its entirety, crucial dances and reception highlights, and so much more. This film can be up to 2 hours in length (dependent on the length of your ceremony and toasts), and is a cleaned-up version of everything that we have captured over your wedding weekend.



Creating a wedding film is not a quick process, and can take up to 6 months to perfect. We are in an age of immediate gratification, and want to share a piece of your story while the “wedding high” is still strong! We are able to deliver a sneak peek within 48 hours of the end of your reception, so that you can keep that “Just Married” feeling going!



The “bread & butter” of what we do, our highlight films are designed to not only transport you back to the wedding celebration, but tell a unique love story. No two films are alike, just as each one of our couples are distinctive in their own right. We get our inspiration from the individuality of each couple, the theme and overall mood of the celebration, and the environment surrounding the wedding. These influences help us with our music selection, moments to showcase, and overall tempo to the film. Very rarely do we know the direction that our films will go until we’re reviewing the hours and hours of footage and audio, and each curation process feels like the birth of a story.



We have included travel into our base package, so you don’t have to worry about any additional or hidden fees. This includes travel to Nantucket, accommodations in Newport, and everywhere in between! These often overlooked fees can add up quickly, so we’re taking that off of your plate entirely. We’ve got you!



By having 2 dedicated videographers, we are able to cover every aspect of your celebration. We split up throughout the day in order to ensure full event coverage. During prep we will split up so that both wedding parties are being documented. After the ceremony while one is covering cocktail hour & details, the other is present during the formal photo session. The best part about having us around for more than 1 day: this extra time gives us that opportunity to get some creative imagery that we otherwise wouldn’t have time for. This means extra aerials, additional scenic shots of the surrounding area, sunrise time lapses, etc.

This truly all-inclusive wedding film experience gives our clients peace of mind, and the comfort of knowing that every aspect of this enormous milestone in their family history is professionally and thoughtfully preserved. Our films are not just for the couple getting married, but for past and future generations. What will your memories look like?