Virginia & Andy | A Wedding at The Myopia Hunt Club

virginia andy myopia hunt club wedding

The Myopia Hunt Club wedding of Virginia & Andy

How did you two meet?

We met at Middlebury College in spring of 2013. Then a sophomore, Virginia had been invited to a St. Patrick’s day house party by her friends on the baseball team, and the house turned out to be Andy’s (and Drew’s!). We got paired up for beer pong as one does in college. Andy was a senior and graduated and moved to Boston, and reached out to Virginia to reconnect and get to know the city (where Virginia is from, whereas Andy grew up in Minnesota). Virginia ended up going to London to study abroad the following fall, but in the summer of 2014 Andy asked her out for birthday drinks and we started seeing each other ever since! Virginia was headed back to Midd for senior year that fall and while things weren’t “official,” Andy would drive the 3 hours from Boston on Friday nights after working all week just to see Virginia (usually with wine in tow for her and all her roommates). After many weekends traveling up and back and three times popping the question, Virginia finally saw the light and said let’s do this late in the fall of 2014. We’ve been together ever since! 

Why did you choose to get married at the location that you did?

Myopia has been a special place for us for most of our relationship; Virginia grew up spending time there with family and took Andy to lunch there for his birthday in the summer of 2014. Since then we’ve spent many happy times at Myopia and feel at home there. In April 2022 we actually became members ourselves, which is a thrill and an honor and we are so excited to be able to return to our wedding location and relive those memories all the time. 

Were there any happy surprises that happened at the wedding?

  • Originally we had planned for the Myopia hounds to come out after the ceremony and greet us as newlyweds, but they were double booked (busy schedules, VIPs!). Steve the club manager knew how much we wanted them and without telling us arranged for the huntwoman to be dressed in her colors and follow our getaway car to the club. Not what we had planned, but even sweeter for the effort Steve went to to arrange something similar that he thought we might like. 
  • Ross Hardigan ripping his pants on the dance floor pretty early in the night signaled how awesome the band was 
  • Wedding day gifts to each other 

What moment sticks out to you above all of the others from the wedding?

  • The Myopia staff clapping & crying when I came out in my gown for the first time for our first look 
  • Driving away in our getaway car
  • Speeches blowing everyone away 
  • Our first dance, and Virginia being so hyped up on adrenaline before that I got SO nervous to dance in front of everyone 

Now that the wedding is over, what are you going to do with all of your free time?!

Settle into our new house in Marblehead! 

Photographer: Mark Spooner

Planner: Ana Stefanovich Events

Band: East Coast Soul

Additional musicians: Bridge & Bow

Venue: Myopia Hunt Club

Cake: Mayflour

Florist: Whitemoss & Twigs

Invitations: Ashley Begley, Able Invitations, Letterpress by Father of the Bride John Adams 

Hair: Katie Coppola 

Makeup: Katrina Hess

Dress: Monique L’Huillier

Shoes: Manolo Blahnik, Deltoro

Suit: Vintage Paul Stuart (Virginia’s dad gave as a gift!)

Officiant: Terry Windhorst

Rentals: Peak Event Services 

Rings: M Flynn