How did you two meet?
We met in 2004! High school. Started dating junior year of high school, graduated as high school sweethearts, went our separate ways at different colleges and got back together senior year of college… and here we are! Had a few fellow St Thomas high school class of 2008 kids celebrating with us, too!

Why did you choose to get married at the location that you did?
It’s so freaking pretty!!! Our high school prom both junior and senior year were there, too. We were each other’s prom date both times, so on top of it being a drop dead gorgeous venue – it made everything truly come full circle for us 10 years later.

Were there any happy surprises that happened?
The perfect first look beach weather!!!! The amazing sunset (sunsets and beaches are our 2 favorite things in the world) so there ya go! Our wedding day truly tied in every single one of our favorite things in the whole world. Pure magic.

What moment sticks out to you above all of the others?
When we snuck out for sunset pics without telling our friends and they just happened to join us, that was super cool. Having all the big stuff out of the way, sitting in those white chairs getting pics while our friends are laughing hysterically behind us was just best feeling in the world. That was so fun!!! And then getting fun group shots while everyone was just having the best time with drinks in hand. It was carefree and simple.

Now that the wedding is over, what are you going to do with all of your free time?!
Next, we need to move into it our beautiful new forever home of our dreams!!! Time to play interior designer, get crafty, and set up an awesome deck for summer BBQ’s to get everyone we love together again ASAP!

Rehearsal venue: Stage Neck Inn
Wedding Venue: The Red Barn at Outlook Farm
Officiant: Julie Draper
Photography: Boathouse Studios
DJ: Luke Lannigan, Revolution
Florist: Flower Kiosk
Cake & Cupcakes: Kate’s bakery and cafe
Cookies: Ceres street bakery
Hair: Hair that Moves
Makeup: Joya Beauty
Dress: Christina’s Bridal & Formal Wear